MA in small containers available?


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Feb 13, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
Hi Blake (and Dave),

Thanks again for the new test kit. I am getting very consistent readings with the kit, it is the best one that I've used (previously Taylor K-2005). I love to be able to exactly account for FC/CC levels; the sizes of the reagents are proportioned nicely for homeowners; and the laminated instruction is a plus for sure. The pool is now on the 3rd week of using BBB and I'd like to echo what one member said - "... this Forum is worth the weight in Bleach..." . I found a HASA pool center close to my city so I am now using 12.5% Liquid Chlorine which is probably more convenient than hauling 8.25% bleach jugs. My pool chemistry is FC=8 (CC=0), PH=7.4, CH=300, TA=120, CYA=95-100 - and hoping that N. California would get rain this winter to end the drought, so I can drain the pool to resolve my high CYA level. But for now, I am following the Chlorine/CYA chart.

Thanks again.
Thank you for the update! Glad everything worked out for ya :)