Lowering TA when well water is 400 and Tap is 300 TA?


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Jul 20, 2008

I'm struggling trying to lower my TA. Currently it's 250. I've added MA to the point of lowering PH to 7.0, but even with airation, I can't seem to bring it down due to high TA content in both tap and well water. It seems I need to add about a 1/2 inch of tap/well water each day to keep the right water level. Here are my testing numbers using the Taylor 2006 test kit:

FC 5.0
CC 0
PH 7.0
CH 150
TA 250
CYA <10

I know I need to bring my CYA up. I was going to add stabilizer later today. Does that have any effect on TA or would it help to keep it down? I've been using bleach and some leftover stabilized chlorine pucks, but understand that also raises PH and TA. Any advice on how to best lower my TA given the circumstances?


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Apr 4, 2007
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I have similar issues. My fill water TA is ~480. With high TA, you'll have to drop the pH pretty often to keep the reduction process going. The best thing I can recommend is to use a mesh cover over the winter to collect all the rain water you can, use a solar cover to minimize evaporation, and backwash as seldom as possible. I've gotten mine down below 140 this season.

Bleach doesn't permanenty raise TA, so don't sweat that. Just stick with the pH reduction and aeration and you'll eventually get where you need to be.


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May 7, 2007
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Trichlor pucks (stabilized chlorine) will lower PH and TA and raise CYA, just about what you want right now.

To lower TA quickly you need a really effective method of aeration. That will raise the PH back up more quickly so you can add more acid (which is what actually lowers the TA).


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Jul 20, 2008
Yeah, I think I need to work on my aeration. I'm not able to bring the PH up very fast just by redirecting the returns upward - the output is barely breaking the water. I'm going to look into making/buying some type of aerator. Thanks for the tip on the pucks, but I'm almost out and was hoping not to ever have to set foot in the pool store again. :wink:


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May 30, 2007
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Hi DaveD,

If you are handy, you could make your own aerator. You can do a search for 'aerator' and find a few threads w/info.

Here's one made by a member: my-aerator-t7799.html?hilit=aerator

DaveD said:
Thanks for the tip on the pucks, but I'm almost out and was hoping not to ever have to set foot in the pool store again.
.......well, what about Lowes, HD, or WallyWorld! :)

Welcome to the forum :wave:


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Jul 20, 2008
Thanks for the aerator link - it looks pretty easy to do, so think I will go that route. Maybe put something together the kids will enjoy while I'm at it...

No Lowes around here. I was at Home Depot over the weekend and they have absolutely nothing for pool supplies - just like 1 spa product on the shelf. Local Farm and Fleet and Target was pretty much the same way. Guess that's because we are farther north with fewer pools. I didn't check Walmart, but would actually prefer pool store over them. :hammer:

Thanks for the quick responses. Great site!