Lower alkalinity without aeration?


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Apr 19, 2015
I just drained and refilled my pool after a bout of 110+ CYA. Now my numbers are a lot better, but my TA is a bit on the high side. I"ve read that I should add acid to decrease PH and TA then aerate to increase the PH back up to normal. I've even bought an aerator, but then I read the instructions where it "bragged" about being able to lower my pool temp about 10 degrees!! Hole mackerel, I live in southern california and I'm SUFFERING with 80 degree water (wife likes it about 90!). If I aerate, no one will use the pool!

Is there any way I can lower TA without the process involving aeration? Also, I'm tired of pouring chlorine jugs so I just ordered a Hayward salt system and any advice considering that is welcome too!



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Jul 7, 2014
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With a TA of 110 that would be my very last thing I would even think to worry about.. With a pH of 7.3, I would not change a thing..

Well, except your FC,, Your target FC is 5 to 7 and you are at 2.5... Way way too low. See this chart for a CYA of 40..

You should always try to maintain your target FC.. Don't try to stay between the minimum and the target.. Hanging out too close to the "Cliff of Death" is not a good idea.. :mrgreen:


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Jul 29, 2018
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With your wife's preference for warm water, I'm surprised you don't have a heater. In my backyard I hear "the water's still too cold" when the floating thermometer reads 92. Apparently, the tolerable temperature is one degree warmer than whatever it is now. So here we are in southeast Texas; air temp reads 95; water temp is 92, and I'm running the gas pool heater! Pass that story on to your "green" friends!
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Mar 2, 2011
If you have a plaster pool, just try to keep the CSI in the -0.3 to 0.0 range and you should be fine.

No need to aerate and probably no need to lower the TA.

Just lower the pH if the CSI goes over 0.0 and only lower it enough to get the CSI slightly below 0.0.
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