loosing 3 to 4 inches of water a day


Jul 31, 2018
our freeform gunite pool is loosing water every day... I estimate it to loose between 3 or 4 inches ..I have done the food colouring test and think that it may be that one of the jets is not sealed properly. ( the coloured water is pulled in to outside ring when the pool is off.

Is it possible to use an underwater marine sealant to correct this. Is it difficult to use, could I do it myself .
Which brand would be the best to use.?

suggestion of what else to try it would be appreciated

thank you


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Jul 7, 2014
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You need to find where the water is leaking first. Since you have a gunite pool the most likely place for a leak is the...

1. Skimmer
2. Pool light
3. Main Drain.

3 or 4 inches a day is huge!!! Something should be wet somewhere.. :scratch:

If you have sand or DE filter another possibility is that some of the water is going into your backwash pipe when in the filter mode.

Step one is to determine if the leak is there when the pump is off.. Turn pump off and then check water level.. Let sit overnight and test water level again.

If it leaks with the pump off, then let it keep leaking and see where it stops.. In most cases it will stop just below the skimmer or the light..

It could be the return, but that would not be a normal gunite failure.. Using underwater epoxy is easy to do yourself.. Just make sure you do not glue the eyeball into place.


Jim R.


Jul 31, 2018
thank you for your reply,

I have marked the water level and will turn the pump off .overnight to see if I loose water and at which level.

hope that it is not by the light as this is about half way down the pool depth. or even worse the main drain.

re the main drain can I seal this off in any way.. such as a permanent cap?

this pool is seldom used, but opened and maintained every year.... it has become a money pit.

If it turns out to be something that I can repair ie around the filter basket or jet is there a brand of marine epoxy you recommend?