Loop-Loc Mesh pool cover repairs


May 24, 2007
Baldwin City, Kansas
We closed our pool today. Our pool cover is beginning to wear, and has several small round holes. Is there a product that we could use for repairs to prolong the life of the cover?

Thanks in advance for any advice or tips.


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May 23, 2007
Claremore, Oklahoma
Loop-Loc repair

I posted this last year... it should still be fairly accurate:

I've got a similar problem with my cover and sent an email to Loop-Lock a few days ago and this is their response:

Thank you for your e-mail. We carry Patch Kits that are self adhesive patch size 4" x 8" and come 3 to a pack for holes 3” and smaller. Larger holes need to be sent in to be repaired. The patch kits cost for Ultra-Loc and Green Mesh covers are $18.75 plus shipping. Mesh Blue, Black, and Gray patch kits are $19.75 plus shipping; we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please send your address and phone number along with the type of cover you own and credit card information so that we can further assist you. If you have any further questions please call our Customer Service Dept. @1-800-562-5667.

Thank you,
Loop-Loc, Ltd.

Hope that helps.