Looks to me that all three variable speed pumps are similar


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Jun 17, 2010
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So it looks to me that all three variable speed pumps are pretty similar (in efficiency) . (Hayward, Pentair, Jandy)

Am I reading the tables and analysis correctly. (post moved, referring to v1.3 of Pump Cost Comparison spreadsheet)

Everyone seems to rave about the Pentair Intelliflo. But it looks like one could get a Hayward or Jandy with a separate control box that would have about the same performance.

Any comments why to get the Pentair, or Hayward, or Jandy?

Thanks, Jeff

I have 28,000 gallon pool, 1 HP single speed pump, 1.5" piping, 48 square foot Leslies/Hayward DE filter.
Nothing else besides the pool, no spa, no solar. And my incremental electrical rate in tier 3 is about $0.25/kwh.


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May 7, 2007
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The difference in efficiency between a single speed pump and a variable speed pump is huge. The differences between the currently available variable speed pumps are small.

The IntelliFlo is the most efficient. It has a better motor design that has a higher inherent efficiency. The difference isn't very large, but it is there. The IntelliFlo has also been out the longest, people have the most experience with it, and it has the fewest reported problems. The largest disadvantage with the IntelliFlo is that it doesn't integrate well with automation systems that don't come from Pentair. You need to purchase an IntelliComm II to be able to control more than one speed with a non-Pentair automation system or external timer, which adds noticeably to the price. The other big advantage of the IntelliFlo is that it is available in a VF model that integrates a flow meter into the pump. That makes pump setup for optimal efficiency much simpler.

The Hayward is next. It's big advantage is that it comes in a model that integrates very nicely with Hayward/Goldline automation systems. It can also be used as a two speed pump with a simple external timer, which the IntelliFlo can not.

The Jandy is the newest and least popular of the three and we know the least about it. It appears to have an inherent efficiency in-between the IntelliFlo and the Hayward.

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