Liner Over Steel Steps


New member
Aug 18, 2019
Hello all, looking for some input. Just had a 14x28 inground installed with the liner over 3 steel steps. The pool has the concrete collar and back filled a decent amount behind the steps with stone dust. It was then backed with dirt and rock. The dirt around the pool has been settling for a good 4 weeks and have been watering it every day. We are looking for the patio pour in about 3-4 days. I know the steel steps have a brace halfway at 7 ft but still seems there is a little bounce/vibration when walking and the kids jumping off the steps. We let them go in once so far. I am wondering is the bounce and vibration normal just because they are steel or should it feel more firm than it does? I obviously want to make sure it's alright to pour the patio and not have to deal with issues down the road. Thanks for the help.