Liner leak detection options


Aug 13, 2013
Ontario Canada
Hi all,
I'm 99% sure I have a liner leak in my inground pool as I have not opened the pool yet and the water is still below the plumbing. I am losing about a 1/2 inch per day. The water level seems to stop at the same place each time(about 6" in shallow end. I did the dye test and found nothing. My question now is do I hire the special electronic leak detection company at $500 or the pool guy/diver for $250. Pool guy says they have a guarantee for 1 week post. I will have to get the bulk water delivery guy in also as both want the pool open.
Thanks in advance.


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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
Tough call for me not having been there, but with the gurantee, I might be tempted to try the kess expensive option.


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Jun 28, 2016
Huntington N Y
Liner failure is likely. I just had a similar experience last October when I noticed water loss with no signs of any leaks. After the pool was closed by my builder on Oct 26 with Meycolite Mesh Cover by the end of Nov I noticed
the water had dropped to bottom of first step. Thankfully, they returned and found a small opening in the new GLI Liner seam (glue failed?) evidenced by the debris accumulated around it at bottom step wall area. They quickly patched it to hold over the winter. A new liner was installed this April 8. I am so grateful I have excellent rebuttable builder -Swim King Pools Rocky Point N Y. My reward for my through research before hiring my pool builder accepting there is more to a pool than price. Good luck.
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