limestone leaching up from concrete under paver

Johnny B

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Mar 19, 2009
Charlotte, NC
About the only section on the forum to ask:

Apparently there is “limestone” (what I was told) leaching up from concrete (or something) under brick pavers into a door’s metal threshold area; the metal threshold butts up against these outside brick pavers. Is there a decent (safe, cheap, etc) chemical to eat it away/ clean it nicely. Carbonic acid? Vinegar/ acetic acid/ HCl/ muriatic acid. Almost every type of acid dissolves limestone, what would you suggest? ... h-Acid.pdf

And if I don't see an immediate reaction then ok to letit dwell a while I assume.

I understand it takes water pooling in the area to create this “leaching limestone” problem So solving that drainage issue is a priority.



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Aug 1, 2010
This is usually caused by salts below leaching up. It is usually excluded from guarantees. The usual advice is just to wait for it to go away.