Lighting pool cage with Phillips Hue Lilly Spot lights. Any ideas on hiding the wires?


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May 1, 2019
Jacksonville, Florida
Hi People,
I've finally come up with an idea I'm trying for lighting my pool cage. Phillips Hue Lily lights! So far I've figured out that I'll probably use Aluminum Rivet nuts to secure the lights. I had originally bought wire clamps to support the wires but I hate it. I'd love to have some channels that clamp on to the screen attachment area but I can't find anything. The other idea is running the wires inside the channel but it would required ~3/4" hole to get the connectors through or potentially cutting the connectors and hardwiring it to get closer to a 1/4 hole... Any ideas anyone?



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Jul 3, 2013
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You can get channel metal below, you would need to get it coated or paint it there..

I think it would look better going though the structure you have... Cut the connectors, cut a 1/4 inch hole in the side, use a cotton ball with a small string and suck it through with a shop vac and pull the cable through.. You may have to start with a small string and work your way up.. You will see the wire in between the connectors in channel as I do not think it is open, if it is open all the way it may be a pain to get it all the way through...