Life expectancy of a stenner pump


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May 25, 2007
Digging through years of old threads looking for info on the hayward needle valve chlorine injection I posted about, I found gobs of info and mostly praise for the Stenner injection pump. I like the concept (and pricing :) ) much better than SWG and think it may be ideal for my and my dad's pool. He should be able to get over 2 months with a 15g tank, over 4 with a 30, and I could fill it for him so he doesn't have to do anything. He should love that.

Any way, what is the life expectancy of these pumps? Assuming the fixed flow, is there any annual maintenance, replace tubing inside the pump housing, etc? Even though there's no potential payback or savings like SWG, it's attractive if you can expect several years out of the pump.

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Jun 22, 2009
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The pump itself will last many years.. The pump tube requires replacement every year or two. Even if something requires replacement, you can get almost every part of the pump individually.