leveling dirt for 12x24 above ground pool


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May 17, 2022
I'm putting my 12x24 intex pool back up this year (properly this time I hope) and I'm wondering if there is an easier way than a shovel and a lot of back breaking to level the dirt. (maybe a sod cutter?)
There is about a 4" grade from one short side to the other. I do have the footer blocks all set within 1/4 inch, but the front side bricks are dug down below the ground, where the back side ones are nearly just set on top of the ground.

Pic for reference, yes ALL the blocks are nearly perfectly level with each other.

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Ideally, a Bobcat would be handy. But if you don't have some equipment available, it's time to recruit some co-workers, friends, or neighborhood kids with young/strong backs. Bride them with some pizza and drinks. :)

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