Letro Pool Cleaner For Sale.....and extras.


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Apr 8, 2009
south of Atlanta
Letro Legend Cleaner. About 10 years old. Not too pretty and it kind of wobbles along, but it worked fairly well. Booster Pump failed last year so I pulled the whole works out and it's been in a box ever since. I now have a suction-type cleaner, so have no use for this.

Estimated age of stuff: (including 1 year in a box)

bags... 2 years, although they're virtually unused
whip, float, reversing valve ...3 years
most of hose, swivel... 5 years

It was working when the pump failed, so I see no reason it won't work for you...but I'm not a dealer, so no warantee. As is. The parts alone are worth more than the price.

$100. Paypal.

You pay shipping from 30269. Any UPS product you want.

The other stuff is yours if you want it. What's left of the Letro pump, and a non-working multivalve. The valve gave me problems (gasket wore out or weak spring) so I replaced it.