Leaking backwash valve. Can i simply bypass it


Feb 18, 2014
Alta Loma, CA
Hi everyone. We have an old setup. The backwash valve leaks from the bottom despite me swapping the seals and the c clamps. I'm 100% certain i have it assembled correctly. My best guess is that perhaps the cylinder in which the assembly slides up and down may have a little crack or just old. Perhaps i got the wrong seal though it looks totally correct. Any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this? I'm thinking the backwash is 20 years old and may be at end of life. I'm pretty certain the part is this now 263064. I'm curious can i simply not install backwash since i never ever use it. If so do they still the threaded pieces that attach to the nautilus filter housing. I'm able to replumb the pipes. I actually installed the pool pump myself recently.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I removed the backwash valve on both of my DE filters... For the past several years I have just opened and cleaned them twice and year, so the MPV was never used.

I still needed the screw on connectors to connect to my Hayward filter.. I just bought new ones..

Seems to work great...


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