Leak at pump stem where it enters the impeller housing


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Nov 24, 2019
Colorado springs
I just had my spapack replaced only to now find a Leak at the pump stem where it enters the impeller housing. Could this be a gasket or o ring issue. No visible cracks in the housing itself. The spa set empty and dormant for several months until the spapack was replaced. Obviously having just spent a lot of money, looking for a quick, inexpensive fix (hopefully).

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Welcome to TFP! :wave: I agree. A leak at the pump shaft where the impeller attaches could be the shaft seal behind the impeller. A new spa-pack shouldn't leak. Is it still under warranty? I would recommend updating your signature with all of your spa info. If you have a pool, show that as well. For the spa pack itself, you're welcome to post a pic or two of the model and motor info plate. Maybe get a pic of that area leaking? It might help others give you more ideas. But I would definitely call the company or installer to check on the warranty.