Kreepy Problem


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Jul 13, 2007
Seeking some help from you guys on behalf of a neighbor. Just got into the pool and we were trying to get the Kreepy to work. Here is what they have:

12x24x42 true L
Return side valved items
4 eyeballs
step eyeballs (2)
buddy seat eyeballs(2)

Suction side valved items:
main drain
north skimmer
south skimmer
dedicated cleaner line

1.5 hp superflo
sd80 sand filter (325 lbs)

When we hooked the kreepy to the dedicated line, it required all of the other suction valves to be turned off before it would really move. However, the pump would start to get air bubbles in the strainer area and the kreepy would start to barel move after a few minutes. We tried to run it through a skimmer with the same results. The best "fix" was having only one return open (buddy seat) to match one suction (cleaner). The kreepy moved around but we still got air bubbles that we had to keep an eye on so the pump would not run dry. The hose lengths are correct and the suction port in the pool is about 75 ft from the equipment. Any suggestions?


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Apr 2, 2007
you have one of several problems:
once you add the kreepy, the system is more prone to pulling in air at spots that may have mild leaks (suction side - meaning pre pump to pump chamber) - so you could have a leak anywhere between the skimmer and the pump lid - in most cases, it's the pump lid gasket where the air gets in.
The other problem could be that any of the kreepy hoses could have a hole or crack sucking in air.

I'd be checking and lubing the pump lid gasket first - seem to be the most common overlooked item.


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Mar 29, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I have a very similar setup, superflo 1.5, SD80 filter, kreepy. I only have one skimmer and a main drain, dedicated cleaner line. It does take a lot of pump power to get it going. My setup for running it is, turn off main drain, adjust valve between skimmer/dedicated line so that the dedicated line gets 80% of suction. The pump does get some bubbles but just a few.
My filter pressure usually drops about 3-4 lbs when the kreepy is running. My only thoughts are a) did you completely fill the kreepy tubes with water before you plugged it into the dedicated line to get all the air out? b) Check the kreepy tubes that they are not leaking air or they are all snugly together. c) Does his pump basket have any air at all when the system is running normally (without kreepy). If it does, it could be that the extra pressure it takes to run the kreepy has put more strain on the lid gasket and that could be the problem.