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May 1, 2007
OK Here I go!!!! Hello to all and thank you Sean for starting a new forum. I have been watching and reading on Ben's site for a long time; waiting for it to open up..but alas no here I am. I am a Svc Tech and live in choconut, PA...just south of the NY border. Just Yesterday we finished our new IG install. It's awesome!!!! My PB did an incredible detail too small. Specs are : 18x38 IG polymer wall / vinyl lined, 3' to 5'6" depth (deepest in the middle of the pool), hayward 1200 ctg filter w/ 1hp super pump, 2 skimmers w/isolation valve, 4 returns, goldline aquasolar tc solar controller, goldine aquarite cl generator, Hayward/Super Vision fiber-optic lighting system. Yes ....I'm a happy man!! Let me tell ya ...we filled the pool out of choconut creek with a gas powered pump in 5 hrs...I estimate about 20K gal for volume. I had the water tested ahead of time for ph/ak/metals ect. and it came back with nothing. ak was 6.7 although I think it was lower, and the good news was NO metals! But here's what's the best....using BBB this moring I just nailed it. Now ph is 7.2 and ak is ~90. WOW on my First try YYEEEEEE HAWWW! I have to go for now...I look foward to hearing from yall n the future, and I'll post some pics asap! Great to be here!


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Welcome to the site. Glad you found us.

That sounds like an incredible setup. When you have time, please share some pictures of the pool and the construction process if you have them.