Keeping leaves out of the Automatic Pool Cover Vault


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Oct 9, 2021
Portland OR
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-20
After closing the pool after the end of the season we close the automatic cover until the next season. Leaves collect on the cover and we use our leaf blower to remove them. Some leaves always blow into the gap between the pool deck and the cover drum during windy days.

I have discovered a great way to prevent this from happening. I found triangular shaped foam gutter inserts at my local big box store. They fill the gap and allow it to breath. I use several of them and cut one to fill the remainder of the space. They tuck in quite nicely and keep all sorts of debris from falling through the gap.

Check out the photos! You can also use inexpensive foundation sealer ar the other end of the cover if you have a small crevice where the leading edge of the cover meets the coping.
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