Keep having to Re-calibrate Salt Reading

Aug 9, 2011
I have an Aqua-Rite SWG, the replacement T-15 cell is aprox 4 years. The problem I'm having this year is the Salt reading is way off. It keeps dropping to 1900 to 2200 and stops generating. 2 different pool stores have told me 3200 and 3100. I've re-calibrated it several times and after several hours it always ends up back at the too low reading and it stops generating. I've checked the Voltage and Amps and they all falling within specs, current reading is 24.6 Volts and 4.10 Amps. I've cleaned the cell to no avail. Is this Cell already dead/dying or is there anything else I can try before buying a new one? 4 years seems like an awfully short lifespan for these.


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Aug 2, 2017
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I know you have gone through several troubleshooting steps, a few questions I can think of:: What size is your pool? How long does your pump system run? Is the PH kept in check?

I know our personal experience with newer pool equipment is a much reduced level of quality from what we experienced previously! Your T-cell might have had a premature ending :(
Aug 9, 2011
It's roughly 30,000 gallons. The pump usually runs daily in March 1 thru Oct 1 for 8 hours per day. During the winter months it only runs for 4 hours per day unless the freeze prevention kicks on. PH is usually a OK, last year we had a spike over the winter and then an algae bloom which caused the scaling on the walls of the liner and from doing research we dropped the PH pretty low, can't remember exactly how low but it was in the 6's for a few days, that was during the opening though.
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