Just filled new pool, yellowish green water

New pool, new property, new well and avoiding the overly opinionated neighbors assistance and the local pool store , I've read all these posts, my head is spinning, but I am not wanting to fail at this. Any tips, well water filled, half bypassed on softner / carbon filters other half filled thru whole house system /green murky water and Crazy test levels? Pool has been filled full for 8 hours I've added 32oz of HTH metal and stain remover, and roughly a quart or algicide , filter/pump is running, heavy rusty oily residue bubbling in skimmer basket , babysitting it and cleaning out hourly, new find as of 11pm, pump is near worthless, upgrading sooner than predicted, Paper towel layed in skimmer basket is catching a lot of metal residue (I assume ??)
How to / when to / shock ? Wanting to go with BBB supplies ,
Taking current water sample into town in the am
Help -- don't want to do to much to soon or to little to late !!
I let the pump run all night , had a paper towel covering the skimmer basket, it was dark red brown this morning,
Test results
FC 1
Ph 8
TA 290
CH 330
Planning on shocking it this morning, want to get my FC up and see where that goes?
Any helpful tips please :/
1. Need to get a better test kit , asap
2. Test results from pool co
FC 0
TCI .54
PH 7.5
CH ( they dont test for?)
TA 113
CYA 0 ! Yeah!
There recommendations
3gal of shock
Start chlor tabs
3oz of algicide