Jandy deck jet controller


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Jul 29, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada
I have 20 deck jets in my pool we recently built. Each jet is run on its on 3/4" line and has a ball valve for adjustment. Those valves are great because it allows me to adjust them all to the same height. The problem I am finding is that I often only want to turn on a few of them for my kids to play in, but that requires me to manually turn off each valve and that requires me to be out of sight of the pool/kids and it also messes up all the settings I had for the valves. Since each deck jet is on a separate 3/4" line, I was thinking about adding a simple sprinkler to each one and connecting it to a WiFi sprinkler controller. That way I could turn on each deck jet separately via WiFi on my phone. I haven't done any research to see if the sprinkler valves will even handle the pressure from the pump, it's just something that I thought of tonight. I'm hoping to get some input before trying it since 20 sprinkler valves won't be cheap and not really returnable after being installed. Maybe somebody knows of a better or more economical electric valve to use for this application. Thoughts?


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Jul 7, 2014
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Seems like it would work to me... I have a standard sprinkler valve that I use to remotely add water to my pool..

I doubt the pool pump has more pressure than the city water supply.

You could always just add one valve and test everything out to make sure it works before buying the other 11 valves.

Or better yet, divide the jets into zones and control each zone with one valve per zone.

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