Jandy Aquapure 1400 replacement cell and sensor different between cells


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Oct 27, 2007
Parkland, FL
My flow sensor died on the aquapure and I ordered a kit with the new style sensor and cell as I believe my cell is not far from gone either and it was much cheaper than purchasing them separately. I notice the cell appears to have 3 prongs while others have 2 prongs. I'm wondering what the difference is?


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Mar 2, 2011
The 3 prong cell is the 1400 model with two sets of plates (13 plates total). They say 14 blades because it's two sets of 7 but the center plate is used by both sets of plates so there are only 13 blades.

The two prong cell is the 700 model with only 1 set of plates. (7 plates also called blades).

The aquapure box has to be configured for the cell type.

The chlorine generator Power Interface Board (PIB) is configured as a 1400 model by factory default.
However, the Power Interface Board can be configured as a 700 model.
To configure the board as a 700 model, use cutting pliers to cut the JL1 jumper as shown in Figure 9.
If your old cell was a 700, the JL1 jumper will be cut. To use the 1400 cell, you have to reconnect the jumper.

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