Jandy Aquapure 123 code

Installed Jandy Aquapure last year and was so safisfied, other friends also installed the same system. Now having problems with "service" light coming on and no producing any chlorine. We have visually inspected the cell and no debris or scaling is seen. We have checked the power supply to the cell. Pool store has checked the water balance and we are ok there except for a 0 chlorine level. Our unit shows flow, we have it set on 80%, salinity level is 3.2. Any other suggestions before we try replacing the main circuit board that fixed anothers 123 code?
Thanks to crabboy's post we checked our back circuit board and found two blackened diodes. Have ordered a replacement board for $98 and will post if this fixes our problem. While we were on vacation, neighbors said we had a really severe lightning/electrical storm...may have caused our problem. Thanks to you all for the posted suggestions. :wave:


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Jul 25, 2007
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If it was just 2 diodes, i would try replacing them, or finding a friend handy with a soldering iron to do it.

You can pick up diodes in any electronics store for couple of bucks max ;)

If they are SMT diodes it becomes more complicated but still doable.

Of course diodes can be not the only problem, if it was lightning there might be other burnt components.