I've been reading but now a member.


Aug 4, 2020
Malta, NY
I would like to start by saying thank you. I've been to this site several times this year. After a while you get to know who to listen to and when to keep looking. Many searches have either ended here or even better got me thinking of a better way or method. I appreciate the open dialog and reasoning for peoples opinions.

As for me, I grew up with a pool in the backyard (thanks Mom & Dad!!) and today we are looking to install one of our own. Like many people this year we are looking to take our vacation funds and dump it into a pool. Not enough to cover what we would like I figured why not do something smaller myself and save some money, a trait I owe to my Dad. Search started out on-line (who knew you could purchase a "full-size pool-kit"). I've gone back and forth with smaller local pool installers and on-line options, none of the bigger guys want to sell just a kit. While I would like to purchase local I feel like I'm getting a bit of a run around, not sure if it's because they don't typically sell kits but now on-line purchases are shipping into September. This project might be postponed to spring of 2021.

I'm planning to sub out the excavation. The rest, with minimal help from a few friends, I will be doing myself. Even my excavator, thinks I'm nuts. While I know this fact I'm still looking at doing the project. I have read several threads on this site from people that were in the planning stage but not sure how they made out. I will dig a little more but if someone could nudge me in that direction I would appreciate it.

Current plan is an 18x36 rectangle pool with 8 ft deep end for diving board. Steel wall system with deck supports to a 4 ft concrete pool deck, more deck on one side next year. Grew up with an EC65 DE filter but after reading I think I might go with a cartridge filter. Several people have tried to talk me into a variable speed pump but I feel a 1 HP full rated pump will be fine for much less investment. Not planning to install a bottom drain, people on this site seam to be ok with this. In my area (Saratoga, NY) everyone says I should install bottom drains to keep pool clean. I have trees on two side of what will be the pool area but not everyone knows that. I was looking at dual Aqua Genies but maybe not the best option as no one has been able to quote them. Only thing special is a set of vinyl over steps. Looking at a wedding cake setup with bench to one side. Maybe a heater and salt system in the future, vacations are not that elaborate.

I have some concerns, digging in sandy soil, installing vermiculite pool base over sandy soil and installing liner. I will research more about these and hope to find the correct place to post actual questions.

Thanks again to everyone for all the help so far.