Issue with Polaris Sport 9550


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Apr 29, 2016
Houston, TX
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Hi all. My Polaris Sport 9550 has been doing a very irritating thing lately where it starts going up the side of my pool wall in reverse and ends up flipping and landing upside down. Sometimes it rights itself, sometimes it doesn't. The past few mornings I have gone out only to see the pool floor still littered with acorns and the Polaris upside down in a corner. It is not responding well to the remote control either...I tilt the remote forward to make the robot go forward, but sometimes it runs backwards instead. The forward motion does still work because the robot will usually start a cleaning cycle going in the right direction, but after a few minutes, he starts making these long treks in the backward direction and flipping when he ascends a wall. Any advice?


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May 21, 2010
Just a quick suggestion to check out that the leaf basket is empty. I found that if the basket gets too full I sometimes get problems with the device flipping upside down.

Also remove the basket and insure that nothing is blocking the impeller or drive wheels.

The motor block assembly is pretty easily removable and you can have a look at the gears and make sure all looks OK.
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