Is my Circupool RJ30 putting out amount chlorine claimed?

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May 31, 2010
Honolulu, Hawaii
I just installed a Circupool RJ30. How can I figure out if it is putting out the amount of chlorine it claims to? I have a 10,500 gal pool. I thought I would be able to run it at a lower % and shorter amount of time since it is for a 30,000 gal pool. That isn't happening.
I have been continually raising the % and the time. Yesterday before the unit turned on the FC was 3.6 (I had added chlorox the day before). I then ran it for 6 hrs at 100%. At the end of the day the FC was 3.6. I thought it would go much higher.

FC 2.4 (this am)
pH 7.5
TA @110
Salt 3900
CYA 110
Calcium 400

Am I expecting too much?


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May 7, 2007
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You should do an overnight FC loss test to make sure you don't have something growing in the water using up all your chlorine. Chances are you have a very mild algae problem, that is being help in check enough that you don't see anything, but which is not being completely killed off.


Kick your runtime up to 10 hours a day and set your unit on 80%. Your pool will be fine.
Enjoy your trip. I have been using this system for two years and I have no problems.

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