Is my AG Pool Beyond Repair?


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Sep 11, 2020
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Some background:

Unfortunately being new home owners and with our first time owning a pool, we successfully closed it last fall but neglected it throughout the spring and early summer. The tarp was left on the pool way too long which collected a lot of water and warped almost all of our top rails with the weight. After removing the tarp we were left with a pool half full of swamp water and tadpoles. Spending the rest of the summer skimming out the tadpoles, trying to find the leak in our liner, and looking for replacement parts, then Hurricane Isaias hit and seems to have warped/dented our pool walls slightly in two spots.

I have been looking up pool repair services to see if I can either patch the leak or replace our liner, but I was told that with our pool now having only a foot of water in it, the entire liner will have to be replaced because it will wrinkle and tear once it is filled with water again. I am now worried that our top rails and pool walls being warped could prevent a new liner from being installed properly.

My goal is to be able to have the pool in a usable state next summer so that we can keep on top of maintaining it now that we are settled into the house, and see if we feel that the enjoyment we get out of the pool is worth the effort we put in, so that the following year or later, we can decide whether to replace the pool or just remove it if we don't feel that owning a pool is worth it for us. However I am not sure if we have now already missed our opportunity to repair what we have to try it out for a summer. I'm a little hesitant to drop $8000+ on a new AG pool without knowing how much we are really going to enjoy using and maintaining it.

Can the liner of this pool be replaced (and would it be worthwhile to do so) or does the entire pool need to be replaced at this point?


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I’m not really seeing a wall problem- maybe the way you took the pics?
but I imagine those top rails will be an issue mainly because once u remove them they will likely not go back on properly.
Hopefully inyopools can help u w/ the top rails. If you know the make/model you may be able to order directly from the manufacturer.

however u resolve it - when u cover it next time use a cover pump - periodically throughout the winter to keep as much water off the cover as possible.
Maintenance the tfp way isn’t too hard.
We’ll be here for you when u get it going👍🏻


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Sep 11, 2020
New England
Thanks everyone for your encouraging words!

I'm a little worried about the top rails because I sent some pics to the people at inyopools to identify them. They were very responsive and identified my pool as a "Cypress" (see attached), although I am not quite sure if that is the case because the top rails of my pool have five "channels" on the top, while the Cypress top rails don't quite look like that. I have heard that top rails for pools are not interchangeable, so otherwise I don't know what's going on.

To better explain the wall issue (I'm also attaching a new picture that hopefully shows it a little more clearly): The wall is denting inward slightly in two spots, and the uprights in front of the dents are also leaning inward slightly. However, the base of the uprights seems very straight and sturdy - almost like the pillars sit loosely in the base (intentionally?). When I reach my hand over the wall at the dent and push outward, I can "pop" it out mostly with a little pressure, but when I remove the pressure the dent returns. This makes me hopefully that maybe the dents are just being caused by a lack of water in the pool to help it keep it's shape. I don't know if that would cause any issues with installing a new liner though. Can dents like these be fixed just with the pressure of the water on the walls of the pool, or do I need to whack it with a mallet a few times? :LOL:


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