Is 55' too far from agp for pump?


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Feb 10, 2017
Longview / Texas
I have bought an above ground Doughboy 24'x52" Autumn Breeze pool and it will be installed starting March 27. One thing I keep flip flopping on is the placement of the pool equipment. I would like to put the equipment next to my detached garage and run 2" PVC plumbing to the pool. It looks like the pool water level would be about 18" - 24" above pump suction level. I plan on either a Pentair Optiflo or Dynamo pump, dual speed 1 HP. I would then need to run bonding back to the pump and separate electrical to a different part of a planned deck around the pool. If the equipment is placed near the pool I would like it to go further around the pool and deck and the electrical run to the pump would then be about 100'. The equipment slab would then be on a slightly lower level than the pool bottom.

So, I guess the major question is whether 55' is too far away to locate the pump. Thanks for your help.


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Aug 10, 2012
No, 55' feet of 2" pipe running horizontally is no big deal at all. It'll be fine.