Intex Salt Water System ECO 6110


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Apr 27, 2020
I had a very interesting issue with my Intex saltwater system. I had been running the unit and the pump on extension cords (from the same GFI outlet) while I was running permanent electric service to the area the pool was located. The units were working without any issue the whole time. I wired up a GFI outlet to the outside of my house and extended 3 other outlets from the load side of the GFI and put 3 regular outlets by the pool. When I tested all the outlets properly tripped because they were being protected by the GFI on the house. I plugged the pump and the saltwater system into the new outlets and immediately the saltwater system was complaining of too much salt code 92. I tried cleaning the electrodes in vinegar and that worked for one cycle. I tried reversing the plug on the saltwater system that produces the chlorine and that got the unit to work but I was uncomfortable with a hack. Then I saw a post about changing outlets and I put the plugs as they were from the factory and ran an extension cord back to the saltwater system an behold it worked again. Moral of the story you cannot run the saltwater system from the load side of a GFI outlet. I am going to rewire the outlets to be all independent GFI and give it a try again. Hope this helps someone.
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