Intex pump to Hayward Filter


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Mar 4, 2017
Kingwood, TX
I just bought a new Hayward Easy Clear C550 filter to add to my Intex Pump. Both say they have 1.5" fittings, but they are completely different. The Intex 1.5 hoses are actually a little larger so they don't connect. I basically need a male to connect to the filter to a male that can connect to the Intex hoses. I am stuck on finding a connector. Any help would be appreciated.



Hoses are these: - Prices Drop As You Shop


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Jun 7, 2011
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Welcome to the forum,

Yea, this is the norm with many of those Intex because the have proprietary fittings that dont match anything. We've had a lot of creative members get around this with some pretty impressive engineering if you look around. You might take a look and see whst they have come up with if you are similarly inclined.

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