intex pool 488cm x 122cm (16'x48'')

This will be my second year with my intex pool 488cm x 122cm (16'x48'').
Last year it was unlevel about 4,5cm (should be about 1,77 inches, sorry I'm from Europe ,we use cm ;-D )
The ground it's very strong (no sand) and it didn't move at all.
Now after winter I measured the water level and it's the same about 4,5cm difference, so
things didn't went worst in one year, and I suppose will remain the same.
Question: is there some point to empty the pool and level the ground or I can be safe and quite like this?
I think everything it's fine....but some suggestion would be good! ;-)
I add pictures of last year:first pic is the side where the water is more "low" (so high floor level)...where is ladder is more deep water (low floor level)



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Jun 7, 2011
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Hey there!! Haven't seen you before, so I would like to say welcome to TFP from Texas! :goodjob:

Sorry for the late reply, but you are at the limits for sure. Since it has been like this for so long, I think you may be OK. A measure of 25-30 mm is about the maximum you should be un-level, but it sounds like it isn't changing. If it gets more, then you might want to be careful and re-level. Best of luck with it, and let us know how it goes. Enjoy the forum!
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