Intex liner has creases from the tarp


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Jul 28, 2019
Depauw, In
I have a 26x52 Pro Series metal frame pool. It has a tarp under it. The tarp was taught for the most part, however, after the pool bottom began to settle we are now getting creases through the wrinkle free floor. When I take the pool down and put it back up, I am debating on whether or not to add a gorilla pad or foam padding under it. So my question is, if I add a pad on top of the tarp, will this also cause creases like the tarp did? Would the creases from tarp show through the padding causing more creases? And if I use a gorilla pad, when you are moving the liner around will the pad bunch or crease up? If so, should I tape it onto the tarp to hold it in place while putting the pool back in place?