intex 12x24x52 paver placement


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Jul 10, 2012
I ordered my intex 12x24, leveled the ground. I had to dig out about 8" on the one end. Now I want to place my pavers (16x16x2") down and add my sand around them before the pool comes , but I can't find anything online about how far apart the supports are and where exactly are they located. All of the diagrams I've found so far only give the dimensions bit nothing on where the supports will be so I can get ahead of the game. Please help.


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Jul 21, 2010
Antelope, CA
I am not an Intex expert but based on my readings, Intex offers a lot of different pools, in lots of different configurations. I would say, to be safe, to wait for your specific pool to place your pavers. I just looked at the PDF on Intex's site and they do not list the measurements. It does show you how many there are on each side but if intex made any changes that are specific to your production run, they would not be reflected in the guide.