Intellitouch Questions


Jun 22, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I am from Australia, and im setting up an Intellitouch system with no retailer in Australia Im having trouble getting questions answered.

1) I have a i9+3 Personality Kit, which is designed for a pool/spa combo. I do not have a spa and wanted to know if I can use
the two valves that are located in valve positions 1 & 2, which normally use to change filtration and return water between the
pool and the spa. Can I use these for something different??

2) How does the solar heating control work? does someone have a design layout of how theres works? The solar systems in Australia seem to have a separate controller that monitors the temp of the water in the pipes on the roof and when there is a significant different in the temps between that and the pool water it activates a separate pump which cycles the water through the solar panels. This is done through separate solar inlets and returns, and also is designed to activate periodicity to keep the pipe water fresh. does the intellitouch do something like this??

3) I notice in screen shots of the screen logic controllers eg Iphone it allows the control of landscape lights and to be able to dim them, is this done through the dimming module or something else? as I read it the instructions read that the dimming module only works on underwater lights??

I would appreciate any help and thank you in advance.