Intelliflo not responding to EasyTocuh

I just set up new equipment- my Intelliflo will not run from the ET8 when in AUTO mode, it will only operate from the the Intelliflo keypad when in SERVICE. I set up the pump in the ET8, set a schedule, clock is right.... no clue. I cleared the EPROM and started over and now the POOL indicator is not on the ET8 screen- just LO-T... Pool is being replastered today and I will need need a 24 hour pump running. I can run it in SERVICE but would like my ET8 working right. I have no PB involved- the equipment is self installed and wired by a licensed electrician. Any help would be great.


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Jul 7, 2014
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At this point I have no clue, but I do have a few questions...

1. Do you have ScreenLogic or are you using the little 3" LCD?
2. Did you select "Intelliflo" as your pump type in the ET? And did you tell it which pump, VS, VF, ??
3. Did you set up the speeds you want in the ET?
4. When connected to the ET with the serial cable, does the pump's control panel read "Display not active"?
5. Did you ensure that the pump's address is still the default #1?
6. When you push the "Valve" button does the system cycle between Pool and Spa modes?

Since the pump runs in the Service mode, it sounds like a programing issue to me.

I suspect that the "LO-T" is for low temp, which I though was only on the single body unit (I could be wrong here..) What it the actual P/N of the ET that you bought?


Jim R.