Intellicenter spillway


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Sep 6, 2020
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On spa mode, it's pulling in water from the spa and into the spa, on pool mode, it's pulling in water from the pool and out to the spa. So, how do I get it to activate the spillway?, ie in pool, out spa?

Sorry, intellicenter setup is pretty confusing.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I assume the same basic way as with the EasyTouch..

Set up an unused Feature Circuit and name it (whatever you want, but Spillway makes sense), then make the Circuit function "Spillway"..

When you turn the Feature Circuit on, the Intake valve will move to suck water from the pool, and the Return valve will move to return water to the Spa causing the spillover.

It also makes sense to set the pump speed for that spillway circuit to a speed that sets the water flow to what you want.


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May 20, 2020
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Hi Welcome to TFP.
You may want to post a picture of your equipment pad with the valves going to the pool and spa.
Also, is spillway from the spa to the pool? As you mentioned that in pool mode you are getting flow to the spa. Is your pump powerful enough to push water out of the spa to make the spill way or is it just trickling over the spill way? Also, in pool mode, are you getting water returned to your pool directly via the pool return outlets?
First is to understand how your pool is set up then it can be tied back to the intellicenter. Did the PB set up the intellicenter and was all working when he finished?