Initial Comprehensive Testing Results for new IG Fiberglass. Advice?


Jun 29, 2019
Richmond, ON. Canada
Following the advice of the gurus here, I purchased my TF-100 with Salt add-on and picked it up yesterday (BTW to any follow Canucks: shipping from NC to Ogdensburg NY was only 2 days!) Here are my findings:

TA: 220
CYA: 20
CH: 350
pH: 7.8
FC: 4.5, CC: 0.5, TC: 5.0
Salt: 3500

I have my SWG set to 30%.

Next steps:
I am going to: 1. add stablizer, 2. add muriatic acid, 3. reduce the SWG to 20%.

Get the stablizer #s to their recommended levels, reduce FC to a more comfortable level (skin feels dry after swimming), and slow the pH drift (it's routinely over 8).


BONUS! Nighttime pic for attention :cool:



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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
I would leave the FC the same and add stabilizer. That will effect how your skin feels, though most of that is pH. Lower your pH to 7.4.
Your TA will put pressure on your pH to rise.