If you were me...Equipment ?


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Jan 7, 2008
And bless yourself that you are not me... :lol: what equipment would you get for our pool. Some items I am definite on such as:
18'6x36 ig vinyl grecian lazy-l
LED light
solar panels by solar industries 4 (4x16) panels 35feet up from the ground where equipment will be - mounted on roof - our only heat source
8' step-n-spa with 3 jets
Intelliflo VS3050 pump
2" piping
some Aquabot robotic cleaner (least of my concerns right now)

I continue to spend HOURS on the remaining equipment and really need help. I keep changing my mind..I guess a typical thing for a woman, right?? Trying to be an educated consumer can backfire on you too. I have posted ?'s, but I guess I am still confused by all of it (sorry). I know many of you have already taken the time to respond to my other posts.

1) filter - cannot decide between Quad DE or sand. If I get the Quad DE80, I would most likely use Aquaperl as the alternative to DE. If I get sand, I will probably use zeolite, or I wonder if I can mix the Aquaperl with the sand (like you can mix DE with sand)

2)SWG - it is either between the Autopilot SC48 or the GL Aqualogic P4. Is the P4 enough? I really do not see me adding anything other than your typical pool equipment, except possibly speakers for music? Can I add speakers to a keypad? It has been explained to me that Autopilot does not interface with anything Pentair if I want a keypad. If I get the GL, I will still need to get the Pentair Intellicom center from to interface with the variable pump. This might be a nice option and I guess better to do it now. The Aqualogic pkgs that are sold complete are very reasonable too.

Would the P-4 system replace the need for the GL-235 solar controller the installer is giving me? He will issue me a credit for $330 that I could put towards the Intellicom center.

My pb has not been involved in solar heating, so I cannot ask him for much info and the solar installer only knows his side.
My pb also is not up-to-date on certain things I have learned here, like the 2" piping, which I will need due to the height of the solar panels. Although he is a great pb in our area, kind of stuck in certain elements, so he is going to be learning alot from me thanks to all of you!!

Lat week I was concerned about balancing the pool water when the time came. I think that is going to be more simple than making sure I have all of the right equipment and what needs to interface with each other..does.

If I can get these final items decided on, my husband would LOVE me (and you for helping)


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
A am a big fan of sand filters, others here love other kinds of filters. In many ways it ends up being a personal preference.

Yes, the Aqualogic P-4 is enough to do what you have to do, but you will eventually want more. Yes, the Aqualogic P-4 will perform all of the solar control functions. You can control the IntelliFlo pump basic on/off from the P-4 and you can change speeds if you add an IntelliComm unit, around $400, though it will take up extra aux relays and may end up not being worth it.

The AutoPilot will interface with Pentair automation systems to some extent. You don't get all of the AutoPilot features on the remote but the basic stuff should work.

Speakers for music are their own world and will need their own remote (except for basic on/off but there isn't much point in that).
If you are going to put in automation get one that has more relays than you need. Don't know how many relays the intelleflo needs but a two speed pump requirs two. Once it's installed you will find that your probably need those relays! I would go with the ps-4 over the p-4. The solar control function is built in but remember it is going to take up one of your valve actuators. You can control your music system with the goldline units but it will be a basic on/off since the only control would be a relay. Your spa would probably be controllable but would require a bigger unit most likely, perhaps a ps-8. It depends on your installation.
If you go with the sand filter don't waste your money on the zeolite. It's really mostly marketing hype and it doesn't filter as fine as they claim! (water is going to take the path of least resistance and flow around the grains and not through them). IMHO, it might not even filter as fine as sand since the grains themselves are actually bigger than sand grains. It's main advantage will be the ammonia scavaging ability but that is negated by the salt in your pool for the SWG.

Both Sand and DE filters will make your water maintenance a bit more complicated because your salt and CYA will need to be replenished more often because of the backwashing. Have you considered a cartridge? With a SWG this will give you a bit more stable water chemistry and water almost as clear as DE.

Why are you considering a DE substitute? DE is cheap, effective, and really filters the best. The only caution is to not breath the dust since it can cause silicosis. Common sense here! (and remember that breathing muriatic acid fumes is probably more dangerous!!!!!!)

To give you an example of automation I have a ps-8. I have used all 4 valve actuators (2 for the pool/spa returns, one for the cleaner, and one for water features.) I want to add solar in the near future but I would need to buy a separate controller now since I do not have an actuator input left. I have used 6 of my 8 relays (heatpump and, filter pump have dedicated relays but I have used 6 aux relays for the following: cleaner/water features pump, pool light, spa light, fiber optics light, fiber optics color wheel, and spa blower. If I upgrade to a 2 speed pump then that's another relay and I plan to add some low voltage lighting in the backyard near the pool and that would be the last one. When I installed the ps-8 I never thought I would be anywhere near it's capacity and now I have a need to go past what I have. If I could have done it over I would have installed the ps-16!!!!!


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Jan 7, 2008
I have decided on one item for sure. We are going to get the QuadDE filter, but need to figure out which one..either the 60 or 80. The pool will be approx. 26kgallons.

Also have decided to go with Aqualogic, but will look into the PS-4 or the PS-8. I just cannot see me using all the auxiliaries on the 8. I know it is "only" an extra $200 for the 8, but I need to stop with the money somewhere..right??


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Feb 4, 2008
You might consider going with a variable speed tri-star pump instead of the intelliflo, it is manufactured by hayward and would go better with your Aqua Logic panel. I really like the goldline controls, it will work well with your solar, aqua-rite chlorinator, and will control your pool and spa. The P-4 wouldn't cut it for you unfortunately, as it will not control a pool AND spa. It will only work with one or the other, but not both. The PS-4 and PS-8 would be excellent. Both will control up to four valve actuators, which should be plenty for you.
You can use the panel to control nearly anything that can be turned on and off by plugging it in or unplugging it. Yard lights, some stereo systems, pumps, blowers, etc.. Of course, if the device (like a stereo) has its own power button, you don't HAVE to connect it to the panel.


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Jan 7, 2008
LeeD - Thanks for your input. Is the tri-star pump comparable to the intelli-flo? How are Hayward products? Do they stand behind their products, warranty, cust svc, etc??

If I got the tri-star pump would this eliminate the need for the Intellicomm control box, which the only reason I was going to have to get that was to control the pump and its speeds from a remote location.

Are there any issues of I go all Hayward/Aqualogic products, but get a Pentair QuadDE filter?? Will the filter still work with the Aqualogic remote and communicate with the Hayward products?

Thanks again.


After searching and reading some reviews, I am going to stay with the Intelliflo VS3050 pump. Thanks though.

I also realized a misprint above, we are getting 7 (4x16) solar panels...not 4. That would be way undersizing the system


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May 3, 2007
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I would check on extended warranties. Generally, if you stick with a single manufacture, you can get an extended warranty for free. This is the reason I went with all Hayward equipment.

The TriStar variable speed is a new pump so probably not too many people with experience on the pump. Reliability has not really been tested.

The Intelliflo has more time in the field and has shown to be reliable so you might want to consider all Pentair equipment just to get the warranty.