iAqualink IQ20-RS upgrade?


Jul 7, 2018
SE Louisiana
2 years ago I bought a house with a pool. The salt cell and salt board was bad. At the time I got a quote from PB to upgrade my Jandy system to the aqualink iphone capability. The bid was $3,800 so I said no.

Per the PB in 2018:
My salt cell is not compatible with the iphone upgrade so I needed to "upgrade salt cell to not use the old version and replace all actuators, relays, etc"
$3,800 estimate included:
Jandy IQ Upgrade Kit
Jandy PDA/Pool/Spa Combo PS8
Jandy Purelink Panel

Instead they installed a Jandy Aquapure Power Pack in a new panel next to my control panel and a new salt cell Jandy 1400 and I use my PDA to control everything.

My PDA says it is Rev 5.0
Reading through posts here and looking on Jandy's website, it sounds to me that I can buy the IQ20-RS upgrade kit and be good to go.
Is my PB correct that I would also have to upgrade salt cell system etc? or can I just get the IQ20-RS?

If IQ20-RS is correct purchase...where do I even buy this kit? I can't seem to find it readily available online.


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Jun 7, 2017
Damascus, MD
If it works with the pda it'll work with the rs. You can't find it because Jandy doesn't sell direct to consumers. Check eBay however. It is an easy upgrade to do yourself. The kit comes with a wifi antenna and a new system board.
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