Iaqualink cleaner mode settings and purpose


Jun 5, 2017
Las Vegas
Pool Size
SWG Type
Hayward Aqua Rite (T-15)
I just did a major upgrade on my set up and have not quite figured out what the cleaner option does.
I just installed an iq20rs, intelliflo xfvs, and hooked up a chlorinator translator for my Hayward aquarite. Its pretty impressive how much more control i have over everything.
I am in the process of wiring a acid injection to an aux relay with a flow switch as a safety.
But i really would like to add 2 jvas for the main drain/ skimmer and return/infloor. Its an AA in floor. I haven't yet found how to do it and automatically run a different pump speed.
Is the cleaner mode designed to swap the jva on that pin and run another pump speed? Any issues doubling up jvas on one outlet.
Thanks for any help.
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