I would like to get my pH down so I can stop getting stains


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Aug 14, 2010

have you been able to get rid of the stains and keep them from reoccurring now?
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Can someone help me with the following? :

Here are my numbers:

TA: 90
CH: 250

pH: 7.4 - 8.2

I have the same problems with my 3 year old fiberglass pool, and this year is extremely terrible. Muriatic acid takes the stains away, and putting sequesterant seems to help. But this year is different.

I have to put pH- every day. Once I put pH-, the level drops to 7.4. But the next day, it goes up to 8.0-8.2. It happens every day without a doubt, and it doesn't rain over night. The only thing is I put a little bit of chlorine in. (granules)

I would like to get my pH down so I can stop getting stains, but I just can't get my pH that low. I can't even get it to stay at 7.4.

I know that the municipal water has no iron in it, so my only guess is all the earth used in the landscaping around the pool gets into the water, and I think there's iron in the soil.

Does this make sense?

I hope someone can help.
Thanks a lot


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Could you give us some more information. Do you have a complete set of water test results? What do you use as a source of chlorine? There are several chemicals that "granules" might contain. Does your pool have any water features (fountain, spa, waterfall, etc) and do you use them?

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