I swear - everything I do with this pool turns into a disaster!


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Nov 28, 2016
Helena, AL

As I've mentioned before, we moved into a home with an existing pool in August of last year. It's been one disaster after another. Here's the latest...

I decided I'd do the deep clean of the sand filter (STA-RITE T-240BP-1) over the weekend before I finished putting chemicals in for the summer... well, I loosened the unions at the hard piped waste line and return line and the sand filter tipped toward the return line (it's on a slight grade). Turns out that the cracked base (which I was aware of) was only partially supporting the filter... the main stability was coming from the PVC plumbing.

SO... the whole thing was surrounded by a 3' high retaining wall... making it near impossible to work on - so I have to tear down the wall.

After tearing down the wall, I see that the pump and filter are sitting on a plastic (not concrete) base... that is also deformed from the weight of the filter. And I have a filter full of sand that is too heavy to move... PERFECT!

What a pain! What started as a plan to do a simple cleaning of the filter has now turned into tearing down and relocating a wall (forgot to mention that I'll also be chain sawing out a bush per the wife's request)... and pouring a concrete base... and most likely re-plumbing a lot of it. :-x


OK - rant's over... now to a couple questions...

1) I vacuumed out all of the sand and am trying to take the laterals out - might as well inspect it all while it is apart! But I cannot get the laterals to come out. Most will only turn about 1/4 turn then freeze up due to (I'm guessing) sand in the threads. I tried vacuuming them off and running water over them while turning, but nothing is working. Suggestions?

2) when I pour a concrete base - how big (and deep) should I go?


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Jul 8, 2010
Ashford, CT
The pad only needs to be large enough for your filter and pump to sit on it.. beyond that it is up to you.

Mine is appx 4 feet long by 3 feet wide. It was framed above ground with 2x6 with a base of gravel and some smaller rocks.

I may have put some left over rebar in the pad but don't remember.

Im in CT and we have freeze etc and have had -0- problems.
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