I am now a water snob


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Mar 23, 2012
I'm sure this type of message has been posted before, but I just had to say, I have now officially become a " water snob." It started years ago when I went to Bermuda with my family, and actually got to swim in nice, clear water. I couldn't go in the water on the Delaware or Jersey shores after that. If I can't see my feet, I ain't goin' in. I thought pools were great - also nice clear water.

Or so I thought. Just came back from vacation, and I couldn't bring myself to do more than "rinse off" in the pools there. My water is so clear and sparkly, and these were, well, a tad cloudy and smelled of chlorine to high heaven. Never bothered me before. Came back to my pool and just finished tweaking the water chemistry and vacuuming. Going to spend some time in it tonight. Ahhhhh!!!!


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Jun 11, 2012
I'm right there with you now as well--I even have my wife doing it. We were watching a "Backyard by Disney" show (not sure if that's the real name or not) and they had a segment where they were showing a redone pool with kids in it. I was thinking to myself "wow, that water is cloudy" when my wife said "that water sure is cloudy--I bet they need to shock". :goodjob:


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Aug 15, 2010
I too am a water snob as I look out the window at my neighbor's pool. I know he can see my pool and I hope he asks for help. I would love to spread the BBB cheer!


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May 13, 2009
Funny how that happens.

My kids get bent out of shape if there are dead bugs or dirt in the water. I tell them it's cleaner than the lake! Why they get bent out of shape with the stuff they can see, I don't know. I worry if my water gets a little cloudy, but it's still seaweed and fish free!



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Apr 14, 2012
NE Florida
Hello, my name is Angie and I too am a water snob.

Saw pictures of my granddaughter in (gasp :shock: ) someone else's pool. The water was (another gasp :shock: :shock: ) cloudy!

She didn't appear to mind. I however, really wanted to test the water :roll: .


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May 16, 2009
The Triangle, NC
I too have severe sparklypoolitis.

This year, I feel very conflicted going to my water aerobics class at my health club because the usually sparkly pool has been cloudy for the past month. I get blank stares from the staff when I bring it up.



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Mar 23, 2012
Good to know I'm not alone in my affliction! :wave:

If I had my water testing kit with me, I know I would not have been able to resist testing the water at the pools. I'd refrain if it were a private pool, but public pools are fair game.


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Apr 14, 2012
NE Florida
Definitely not alone! And I believe there is plenty of room for us all. Here in the "deep end"!

I think we need club buttons!:lol:

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Aug 5, 2011
My daughter's little friend said my pool's water looked cleaner than the local country club's pool.
I was pretty tickled to hear that!


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Aug 6, 2011
Virginia Beach
This is one of the reasons we didn't go to camp this year. We went the last 2 years, and the pool there isn't anywhere near sparkly. First year, I took my swim test & that was it. Last year I don't think I even did that.


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May 21, 2012
:thequeen: I too have sparklypoolitis. I use to love to go to the lake and swim and go tubing. But now I would just rather stay home in my sparkling clear water in my own pool. :party:
Apr 7, 2012
guilty! we finally have all of our boraxo in (37 boxes) and chems just right, what an amazing difference! I was leery that our already clean water could get better. The "Sparkle" is very evident and the water feels great. When we jump in it's like diving into velvet. Hello my name is Michael and I am a sparkleholic.......


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Apr 14, 2012
NE Florida
I love the "Pool Snobbery Anonymous" "PSA" for short.?

I think we should vote Kellyann our Honorary PSA President (since she started this thread).
We could even have a "SparkleyPoolItis" oath. :cool:

Just a rough draft:

I do blindingly (you know, cause the pool sparkles) promise to maintain a pool SOooo sparkly that mere mortals will not be able to contain their awe. I promise to swim in my sparkly pool while they run helter skelter to the pool stores in search of that miracle fix that will not correct their problems yet will cost them lots of moola. I further promise to impart the TFP way to any and all that will listen cause no one likes to be pool stored.

Just for the record, I got mildly pool stored last year myself and was ever so happy to find TFP!
Dadgum, I gotta say, I love this place!


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Jun 14, 2012
Mint Hill, NC
I too am in the SPA...

The pool I maintain is so clear you can easily read a coin on the bottom - if you don't have my poor vision! My daughter and a friend recently had a sleepover and swam in the pool; the next day they went to the other girls house and swam in their (say Ewwwwwww) :shock: GREEN & CLOUDY AGP. The pool was so nasty that my daughter went under water (remember AGP) and they couldn't see her and she kept popping up to scare them! She didn't tell this to me until the next day (today) while she was swimming in our pool with the same unwashed bathing suit!!!!! My first reaction was not just that this was gross, nor did I worry over her health (she gets swimmers ear easily), but instead my FIRST concern was that she could have brought the ick to our pool!!!!! :oops:

Is there a 12 step program - I need help! Come to think about it... I'm sure that whatever was living in that nasty pool died of shame the minute it hit our water! :whip: