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Dec 22, 2007
Las Vegas, NV
Hello everyone,
I have had my pool for fours years now. I installed the solar myself. I have learned a lot about pool maintenance thru forums and questions asked at pool supply places. I do not know how old the pool is but am getting it replastered. I chose to go with the premium DuPont Quartz plaster instead of Pebbletek primarily because my cool deck in starting to deteriate and for the same cost I am having my decking redone. With the solar our pool season runs from April 1st the the end of September. I bought a solar cover when we first moved in because installing the solar was taking longer than I had originally anticipated. Although it does help in getting the pool temp up faster I do not use it anymore because after I get it removed and clean up the leaves and debris that it traps my girls, ages 6 & 8, are done and it is time to put the cover back on.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome. You will find this forum quite interesting and, usually, a bit more helpful than the pool supply forums. It's a little slow right now but, starting about March-April, this is one busy place. There's probably no better forum in the world to get pool water chemistry answers. Lots of hands-on owners with lots of experience. We're glad you're here.