How to take apart a Hayward DE filter


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Can anyone tell me how to pull the grids form a Haywrad DE filter (4820) I noticed there is a threaded bolt and nut on the top of the grid unit, but the incoming and outgoing plumbing pipes also tie into the plastic housing type unit. Do I have to undo the plumbing lines? I recently cleaned mine but just hosed the grids with it in the the filter housing as I was unsure on pulling them out.

Any direction is appreciated.



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May 7, 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
The entire grid assembly will come out of the filter, it is only attached by one white pipe. You may have to work that free, but once it's free, the whole grid assembly will lift out. I would not remove the nut at the top unless the grids are out of the filter and you are wanting to separate the grids.

If you remove the entire grid assembly you can do a pretty good cleaning without taking the grids apart, but ultimately you will want to take them apart and soak them for a thorough cleaning if your pressure rises too quickly.

Good luck.

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