how to remove copper


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May 11, 2014
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Hold off on additions until you get your test kit. The strips are worthless and the store testing can be just as bad.

Stick with liquid chlorine until you get your test kit.


Finally received the TF-100 test kit and analyzed the water.

TA - 20
PH - below the 6.8 low point on the PH vial
CA - higher than the 100 the vial shows - probably around 110-120
total chlorine - 1.0
Calcium hardness - 500


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Jul 21, 2013
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We need to have an idea how high your CYA is. Redo the CYA test as follows:

For CYA > 90ppm, repeat the test adjusting the procedure as follows:
  1. Fill the mixing bottle to the lower mark with pool water.
  2. Continue filling the mixing bottle to the upper mark with tap water.
  3. Shake briefly to mix.
  4. Pour off half of the contents of the mixing bottle, so it is again filled to the lower mark.
  5. Continue the CYA test normally from adding an equal amount of R-0013 , but multiply the final result by two.
You are going to need to replace 2/3 or more of your water to lower your CYA. The water replacement will fix your TA and pH problems.