How to deal with a frozen pool


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Mar 8, 2020
Little Elm, TX
Got our first casualty. Filter and main pump made it through ok. Booster pump froze and the front housing cracked. Water rushes out when I turn on the system, not just when the booster pump is on. I shut it off at the breaker and I’m guessing once water drains below the level of the pipe from the filter to the booster pump assembly the draining will stop.
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Not sure if this clip will be helpful or not. I stumbled on this while keeping up with the weather and TX news this last week.
The thing that stuck out for me is.. if your equipment froze and even if you see no visible damage, the equipment may still be compromised, so be careful when you fire things up again. I can see how hairline fractures could fail even sometime later in the swimming season. I had an old Dodge like that.


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Sep 28, 2015
Looks like our pump is cracked. We lost power around 3:45am Monday when we were supposed to be on rolling outages and were not. Woke up around 6:30am and the pool was already freezing over and the pump frozen. Will have our equipment checked hopefully soon. I'm sure they'll be busy. Are the odds that all the equipment will need to be replaced?


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Dec 10, 2020
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I was fortunate, none of my piping and joints cracked, I guess I caught it in time. I did see ice in the pump skimmer and my cyclone, but still no cracks.
Lesson learned, the next time as soon as power is lost or ice starts to form in my water bottle (I kept one by my equipment to know when things will start to freeze...need to pay attention to that!) I'm shutting down the equipment.
Today it was 72* and things thawed out about 99%, so I took the time to clean my filters and lube all my O-Rings.
Shutting down the equipment is much much easier than worrying about equipment failure later on or trying to fight the freeze.
Bring the equipment back up is not difficult, and it's a good time to check everything before opening the pool.
I also think having a make shift tent/shelter over my equipment helped also from everything freezing.

I feel bad for those that were impacted with damage and cost...hopefully home owner insurance will help!
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