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    Replacing liner next spring... OK to drain pool?

    Hi all, new here and new pool owner! Recently bought a home with an in-ground pool (around 16 x 40ft, 25,000 gallons). The vinyl liner clearly needs to be replaced but we were planning to wait another year. However, I lowered the water in the shallow end a few weeks to patch a small hole, and...
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    Safety cover on an above ground pool questions/advice.

    We replaced our 18'x33' (48" or 52" depth) above ground pool this spring with a new 54" deep pool. The previous pool seemed pretty old, came with the house (we've had it 3 years) and to make a long story short… the side blew out over the winter. 1.) Is this safety cover ok to be installed on...
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    Any tips on prepping this surface for paint?

    Quick backstory: This house was purchased three years ago and the 50 year old pool's surface was in disrepair. We hired a local pool installer company who prepped and painted the surface with this: Ramuc Type EP Epoxy Pool Paint. After our second Michigan winter with this paint job, the paint...
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    New 24' Above Ground Pool Holes and liner tears in NY Photos

    We purchased an above ground pool last June and had it professionally installed per the Pool Salesman we purchased it from. We haven't had any issues with chemicals, (thank goodness) but this past winter the ice in our pool caved. My husband took a pool class on how to close it for the winter...
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    Chlorinating a winterized pool

    I live in VIrginia Beach and I closed up my pool this year but kept the cover off. I am getting some algae. I read about adding liquid chlorine. How do I add LC to a non, circulating pool without bleaching my liner?