How much BBB to start


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May 25, 2008

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We just filled our pool up. I had a terrible time last year, so I want to start out right this year.
I am going with the BBB method. We have 16x48 ag pool, I believe 6000 gallons.

How much product and in what order?

I am excited about getting started on the right foot.
Thanks in advance!!



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May 30, 2007
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Hi again, Kristi!

First, get your pH to 7.2 - 7.6.

Since you just filled the pool, and haven't added any chems (correct?), then you will need to add chlorine and CYA (cyanuric acid, also called stabalizer or conditioner).

For 6,000 gals. & no CYA, I'd add about 2 quarts of 6% plain unscented bleach....and then add about ONE quart each evening, after the sun is off the pool. (I think this will give you residul FC >2, but if my calcs are off, someone will chime in.)

Add enough CYA to bring it between 30 and 50, but ONLY ADD HALF your target amount because it is difficult to reduce.

Get yourself a good test kit! I recommend the TF Test kit sold by one of our members, duraleigh. Link in my sig. He is also on the forum every day to help. This kit will save you $$$ and you will be in control of your water!

Add all your pool and equipment info in your sig.

Here's some stickies to read for now:

"ABC's of Pool Water..."

"BBB for Beginners"...

"What to test for....."

Keep asking questions and folks will help! Post a pic when you have time :lol:


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Oct 18, 2007
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16 x 48 = 6000??? :?: gal

My 15 x 30 has more water. About 12000 gal.

Please double check the amount of water you need to treat, or all the advive you get from all these nice people will not work for you.