how low can you safely lower a fiberglass pool when closing


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Apr 23, 2018
My pool was closed this morning. The pool professionals lowered the water right below the returns, which is about 20" from the top of the deck, and 6" below the bottom of the skimmer. I don't think that we have a high water table but it kind of makes me nervous that they lowered it this far--especially since it started raining right after they left and it is supposed to rain 1-2 inches this afternoon and evening. Is it customary to lower a fiberglass pool this low when closing with a mesh cover? Could my pool suffer any damage from being lowered this far right before it rained?


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Apr 1, 2018
Bangor Maine
Itused to be pretty standard to lower below returns then blow and close. Fall precipitation will bring the level backup to the skimmer bottom or even higher. 20” down will not cause any issues as thepressure from the fill will not be as big as it is 3’ down.
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